Delta Tau Delta to Return to Lafayette College

After a nearly 30 year absence, Delta Tau Delta learned it will return to Lafayette College in Easton, Penn. The Nu Chapter, originally founded in 1874, closed in 1888, returned in 1906 closed again in 1988. Since that time the chapter alumni worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the chapter back. To get there the Fraternity pursued an unusual route.

Typically, the Fraternity will start a chapter from scratch with a team of professionals. In the case of Lafayette College a group of students, or “interest group”, approached Delta Tau Delta. The group members exhibited the qualities of a Delt and an informal agreement was put in place. For interest group president Daniel Lupia, the Fraternity’s values matched closely with their own, “what really spoke to us was the pursuit of excellence, a recurring phrase at DTD. To us that meant the desire to be forever bettering ourselves and our organization. Always striving to improve is something that we, as campus leaders, value immensely.”

For Lupia and the men of the interest group this has been a long road filled with adversity. “In September of 2014 several of my friends and I were talking about the state of Greek life at Lafayette. Between the late 1970’s and early 2010’s Lafayette went from about twenty fraternities to three. As members of a fraternal organization we knew we could benefit the Lafayette campus as a whole,” said Lupia.

The interest group did not pursue this goal alone. It had the support of faithful Lafayette alumni every step of the way. Indeed, it was this intergenerational mentorship which made the process possible, “from our initial conversation, the Lafayette Delt alumni have been very helpful, motivating us as we moved through the school’s process, working with the administration, and helping us to meet with administrators and members of the Fraternity who were integral to moving us through the process,” said Lupia. 

Delta Tau Delta to Return to Lafayette College

Though Lupia and his comrades are savoring the joy of selection, the path for the group was laid over many years. Lupia attributed the persistence of the alumni for making the dream a reality. “In the last 27 years the Delt alumni have made a good name for themselves, staying involved throughout campus, hosting tailgates and maintaining a positive presence overall. When we came in and chose to affiliate we already had a solid support network waiting with open arms and reputation on campus,” said Lupia.

For the men of the interest group, this step is just the beginning. They realize they are charged to earn a charter, earn their badges and earn their place at Lafayette Coll

ege every day. “We are excited to take the first steps to return Delta Tau Delta to Lafayette’s campus after a 27 year hiatus. As the first fraternity to return to since 1993, we look forward to marking the beginning of a new chapter in this college’s history. We want to add to a proud legacy at Lafayette and balance the responsibility of running a fraternity in the twenty-first century,” said Lupia.

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