Delta Delta Installed at Tennessee

Delta Tau Delta welcomed Delta Delta Chapter at the University of Tennessee on April 20.


An Installation of Firsts

Delta Delta Returns to the Chapter Roll

Some schools simply have a mascot. Others embrace a mascot. For those who graduate from the University of Tennessee, they become the mascot — once a volunteer, always a volunteer. When the time came to install the Delta Delta Chapter at the University of Tennessee, the alumni gave the young members a master class in what it means to be a volunteer and what it means to be a Delt.

One of the most difficult logistical components of a chapter installation is finding an outstanding Ritual team. Sometimes geography and distance make finding a local chapter difficult. Calendars and schedules, particularly in April, can spoil the best laid plans.

The Delta Delta alumni volunteered to fill the gap and in doing so made their chapter’s installation a truly memorable experience. These men exemplified the lesson taught to all good Delts to remember those who follow.

In total, 72 men initiated during a sublime ceremony held at the local Scottish Rite temple on April 20, 2024. Masonry and Delta Tau Delta share some common history and therefore Masonic facilities often serve as ideal locations for Fraternity Ritual ceremonies. The group of veteran Ritual enthusiasts provided a moving performance and welcomed their new brothers to the Fraternity.

Having alumni serve as Ritualists was not the only first at Tennessee. Delta Delta also became the first chapter installed under the Fraternity’s new initiative to shorten the period from colonization to installation. Retention of colony members has long been a challenge for the newest Delta Tau Delta groups. Losing members hurts morale, wastes resources and delays the ascent of the chapter to its place among top fraternities. The early returns are promising. Delta Delta actually grew between its colonization and installation. The accomplishments of the group are notable, and the enthusiasm is palpable. More evaluation remains, but in the spirit of our Fraternity’s cherished motto, initiating these men on the same timeline as all other Delts appears to be a viable option.

Arch Chapter Chairman Rosario Palmieri (American, 1999) summed the day well. “It is always inspiring to see a chapter resurrected and 70 men join our great fraternity,” he said.  “But it is hard not to lament the years Delta Delta was missing from this campus."

The Delta Delta Chapter will have little time to rest. Now that it has returned as a fully chartered chapter, its sights are set on celebrating a centennial anniversary.