Delt Starts Organization to help Veterans

After serving as a reservist in the United States Navy, Willis founded the Resiliency Project. The Resiliency Project aims to empower and enable armed service community members on a daily basis by working to ultimately stop the number of veterans who take their own lives.

The Resiliency Project builds a network of CrossFit boxes and gym locations for armed service members to identify a location in their area or an area they are relocated. Welcoming current and retired service members into the CrossFit community has the power to provide life changing experiences, and transform the quality of one’s life. As a community, it is we are the first line of defense in helping armed service members successfully return to civilian life.

The organization also builds a network of health practitioners who understand and apply changing views and aspects of recovery. Physical health resources include physical therapy, and chiropractic care. Mental health resources include a veterans’ suicide prevention crisis line, suicide prevention hotline, PTSD counseling, and dependency/addition counseling.