Delt Returns to Ohio University

On the brisk sunny afternoon of Nov. 10, 2018 fifty founding fathers celebrated the installation of Beta Chapter at Ohio University.

Installation ceremonies at the Helen Mauck Galbreath Memorial Chapel came with a special Fraternity connection as the chapel is named for the wife of Delt alumnus John W. Galbreath (Ohio University, 1920) who gifted it the University in her memory.

With a team from Zeta Chapter at Case Western Reserve performing the Rite of Iris and Ritual the founding fathers were welcomed to the Fraternity resurrecting the chapter originally installed on June 21, 1862.

International President Steven A. Paquette (Syracuse University, 1977) carried the Hughes badge to the installation and pinned Beta Chapter President Christian Thanasoulis (2019) with the badge for the day of the installation. The Hughes badge was originally worn by Edwin Holt Hughes (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1889) during his term as the ninth president of Delta Tau Delta. It was subsequently worn by his son 24th International President Frank Hughes (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1931) and his grandson 43rd International President David B. Hughes (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1961).

International Secretary Anthony Albanese (American University, 1996) joined Paquette to sign the charter with a video of the signing live-streamed on Facebook and Paquette later gave the keynote at the installation banquet.

In a moment of historical significance for Beta Chapter, CEO Jack Kreman (University of Nebraska-Kearney, 2004), presented the Eversole badge to the chapter president during the installation banquet. One of the oldest badges known to be in existence, the design elements of this badge are identical to the current Fraternity badge. Beta Chapter alumnus W. R. Eversole received the badge at his initiation in 1863. In recognition of this, presidents of all new chapters receive the Eversole badge as an enduring sign of Fraternity heritage and history.

Northern Division President Mark Starr (Case Western Reserve University, 1995) and Chapter Advisor Ken Kies (1974) joined dedicated Beta Chapter alumni Mark Anderson (1973) and Dan Bauer (1971) and dozens of alumni for the installation.

“The number of Beta alumni who journeyed to Athens to witness the beginning of a new generation of the Beta Chapter was incredible. Their passion for lifelong membership was alive and evident,” said Director of Growth Adam Abbott (Morehead State University, 2017). “It will be exciting to see the new chapter continue growing and developing with such sound alumni support.”

Senior Chapter Leadership Consultant Vince Russo (Robert Morris University, 2017) and Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation President Steve Vedra (Butler University, 2002) also attended.