Court of Honor Awards

The Court of Honor Award was officially established in 1965. The annual award is presented to the top 20 chapters in the Fraternity. For the 2018 reporting year, all chapters were asked to submit the Fraternity Awards/Accreditation Report (FAAR). Chapters were asked to provide documents that measure compliance with the Fraternity’s minimum operating standards, exceptional facets of their operations and Delta Tau Delta programming. Chapters were graded on excellence in chapter finance, recruitment, membership education, academics, alumni relations and community service. Chapters are honored with a gavel. Candidates are identified through the FAAR grading process.

The 2018 Court of Honor (years awarded including this year in parentheses)

  • Alpha Chapter, Allegheny College (22)
  • Beta Theta Chapter, The University of the South (4)
  • Delta Gamma Chapter, University of South Dakota (23)
  • Delta Omega Chapter, Kent State University (4)
  • Epsilon Iota-B Chapter, Kettering University (19)
  • Epsilon Phi Chapter, Southeastern Louisiana University (21)
  • Epsilon Upsilon Chapter, Marietta College (12)
  • Epsilon Zeta Chapter, Sam Houston State University (5)
  • Gamma Beta Chapter, Illinois Institute of Technology (27)
  • Gamma Kappa Chapter, University of Missouri (15)
  • Gamma Psi Chapter, Georgia Institute of Technology (10)
  • Iota Beta Chapter, Wittenberg University (1)
  • Iota Epsilon Chapter, Chapman University (14)
  • Iota Psi Chapter, Northeastern University (4)
  • Iota Sigma Chapter, North Dakota State University (4)
  • Iota Xi Chapter, Florida Institute of Technology (3)
  • Nu Chapter, Lafayette College (1)
  • Omicron Chapter, University of Iowa (7)
  • Zeta Zeta Chapter, Morehead State University (5)