Cooking on a Budget

Posted by: Anthony Jacobsmeyer - January 9, 2014

I love to eat. I am also generally lacking in the available funds department. Sound familiar? Food is expensive, but there are things you can do to control those costs. My favorite method (of course) is to take advantage of any free food on campus because there is generally a lot of it. When you can’t find free food, keep reading for a few tips and tricks to keep your costs down while keeping your stomach happy!

  • Keep the basics stocked. Buy basics like proteins (chicken, ground beef, etc) in bulk. They are cheaper that way and you can keep them frozen until you need them. Take advantage of your roommate with a Costco card too; they usually have great deals to help you stock up on stuff that will keep for a while. Other basics to keep on hand are pasta, beans, rice and sauce (your pick!).
  • Starch(Pasta, rice, etc) + Protein(meat or beans) + Sauce = Cheap, easy and quick meal. If you have the basics stocked, you can always throw together a simple meal!
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no” when friends want you to go out to eat. This is a tough one, but try and limit the amount you eat out. You’ll save money and generally keep yourself a bit healthier as well!
  • Cook and freeze. It is cheaper to cook in bulk so if you know you will be busy, or you are just cooking for yourself, it can be easier and more cost effective to cook meals for the week and freeze them to reheat when you are ready.