Colony Members Inspired to Build for the Future

January 20, 2017

The founders of Delta Tau Delta’s College of Charleston Crescent Colony were formally inducted into Delta Tau Delta on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

The 42 men who joined the colony are proud to be part of something bigger than themselves, and want to make a difference on their campus in the heart of historic Charleston.

The early members of the colony learned about the colony from Delta Tau Delta from chapter consultants Anthony Sansone (University of Iowa, 2016), Mark Lipnickey (Vanderbilt University, 2016) and Jack Mattern (Albion College, 2016) on Cougar Mall, a central location on campus.

Justin Hunt (College of Charleston CC, 2017) was nearby recruiting for another student organization, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Society when he was approached by the Delta Tau Delta recruitment team. Hunt, who is from Easley, South Carolina and is studying psychology, became interested when he realized how similar the Fraternity is to Phi Sigma Pi with an emphasis on leadership and a desire to serve the community. He was intrigued by the chance to start something new on campus.

As a senior Hunt wants to wants to make a difference on campus and helping to create an organization with strong ideals and a tight knit brotherhood appeals to him. He is eager to get more involved in the community, both on campus and off, and felt that the Fraternity would help in that aspect of his college experience.

“I hope that Delta Tau Delta will mold me into a better leader and will help me to form lifelong friendships. I want to be able to bond with my brothers and to form connections that will last for the rest of my life. I am also hoping to leave a legacy at the College and to be able to help mold this organization into one that we can be proud of, and more importantly one that will help to shape the brothers who come after me into better leaders,” Hunt said.

The colonization ceremony helped affirm his commitment to the Fraternity. “I was already enthusiastic about joining and about the opportunities that would be available to me, but the ceremony made it feel more concrete and made me even more willing to make this the best it can be. It was truly an honor to be a part of this process,” Hunt said.

Andrew Denning (College of Charleston, 2020) was inspired after he talked with the chapter consultants and after he met some of the other colony members he knew he wanted to accept a bid. A political science major from Leesburg, Va., Denning has taken the role of new member educator and he hopes to inspire the next generation of Delts at Charleston. “No matter how good the Founding Fathers do at building our chapter, the true test will be four years from now,” he said. “Will the next generation of Delts uphold the values we support? That's my job to ensure, and I plan on succeeding.”

The colony members look forward to new friendships and growth in the colony as they see the difference Delta Tau Delta can make in their campus community.