Chris Wisbrock

Chris Wisbrock

Western Plains Division President

Chris Wisbrock (University of Missouri, 1997) was elected Western Plains Division president in Kansas City, Mo. in 2019. He previously served as Western Pains Division vice president and Northern Division vice president and a variety of other volunteer roles.

As an undergraduate, he served as chapter president and vice president of his chapter. He graduated with a degree in television and radio production.

Wisbrock worked for the Delta Tau Delta Central Office as a chapter consultant for two years after college having specific responsibility over colonies and colonization during his second year.

In the last 20 years, he has worked for several healthcare software companies and currently serves as the senior director of GE Healthcare’s Radiology and Cardiology Professional Services teams having responsibility for all implementations in the United States. Chris is a native of the St. Louis metro area and currently resides in the suburb of Chesterfield with his wife Julie (a University of Kansas graduate and Alpha Chi Omega alumna) and two daughters.

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Chapter: Gamma Kappa

College: University of Missouri

Class of 1997

Western Plains Division President Responsibilities

Serve as a member of the Committee on Chapters, keep informed of the condition of the chapters in his respective division and render a written report on the division at each Arch Chapter meeting; appoint chapter advisors.