Delt is making its largest investment in chapter recruitment ever right now. You have the ability to become a certified recruiter through Phired Up digital classroom from the comfort of your computer at your own pace.

Learn the art and science of organizational growth from the experts who literally wrote the books on it! The digital classroom will help you learn the fundamentals of growth we teach to chapters and councils across the country. After the successful completion of each course, you'll be qualified to become a Certified Phired Up Recruiter™!


  1. CLICK THIS SPECIAL LINK. That is a unique link available only to members of your organization. You have a competitive advantage because of that link.
  2. Create a login. Don’t lose your username and password. It’s pretty important. Of course, if you do lose it, just go to the link above, try to login, and choose “Forgot Your Password?”
  3. Complete the course! You have access to a learning environment that is simple, not boring, and not overly complex so that you can just get the information you actually need to help grow your chapter.'

All members have access this classroom for 10 months. If you have any problems with the technology (which is hosted on a platform called “Podia”) you can get support here: If you would like to contact Phired Up directly, email

The Fraternity’s Largest Investment in Recruitment Ever and State of Recruitment with Josh Orendi from Phired Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I already bought personal access to a classroom and now my HQ is providing it for free?
A. E-mail and ask for a full refund. It is that easy.

Q. Can I put on my resume that I'm a Phired Up Certified Recruiter™?
A. Yes! (If you complete the digital classroom). This content will help you way beyond fraternity membership. These skills will be impressive to future employers.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Normally, it costs $45 for each person. But your HQ has purchased access which means you get it for $0.00 (if you use the link on the first page).

Q. Is this a boring online class?
A.Nope. None of the videos in the undergraduate-focused classrooms are longer than 5 minutes. It's all quick-hit, relevant, and real-life information that you can use to help your chapter grow RIGHT NOW. This isn't boring lectures or long PowerPoint presentations. This is quick, fun, a little playful, and super helpful.

Q. Will this help my chapter grow (even during COVID-19)?
A. Yes! (If you put into practice the lessons taught in the digital classroom). This is a perfect way to prepare to grow your chapter even during this strange time

Q. Is there one for my type of organization?
A. There are separate classrooms for a) culturally-based Fraternal Organization Growth, b) Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, and c) IFC Fraternity Recruitment.

Q. Is this for formal or informal recruitment?
A. Yes. All of that. You'll find content in these classrooms that is universally applicable.

Q. Can I preview the classroom?
A. Yes. Visit and click on the classroom you're interested in. You'll be able to see the full outline of the content AND you'll even get to take a peek inside a few of the modules. But remember, you already have free access to the whole classroom.

Q. Why did Phired Up make these?
A. Here's a quote from our company president, "Our team responded during this COVID-19 situation with generosity and immediacy. They wanted to empower students immediately. They wanted to find a creative way to let fraternity/sorority leaders access education that they needed right away. We had been planning to build these classrooms this year, but this situation accelerated our timeline. The price will certainly go up after a while, but for now we wanted to provide an affordable way for literally 100% of fraternity/sorority members to prepare themselves to help their chapters grow during
this time."