Bringing Civility Online: Social Media Behavior

Posted by: Bryan Vanderpool - October 10, 2013

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Vine. With so many different social media sites being used by millions of users each day it is important you stand out from the pack. Equally important, however, is that you maintain a professional image on each of these sites. Here is how you can stand out by using social media while also maintaining that professional image you need to have:

  • Content: Have a crazy story from last weekend or a negative comment about somebody or something to make? That’s fine, but keep it to yourself. Putting this sort of content on your social media accounts reflects poorly on you and isn’t professional. Instead, try to keep your content informational, upbeat and interesting to create a positive image.
  • Pictures: Your profile picture should reflect you in a positive light. A picture of you and your siblings at a wedding? Yes. A picture of you holding a bottle of liquor while clearly intoxicated? Absolutely not. Be smart about your outward appearance.
  • Friends and Followers: You are who you surround yourself with, even in social media. Don’t waste your time being friends with negative influences. Follow people who are creative, inspiring, cutting-edge and informational.