Books By Brothers

June 22, 2023

Everyday Justice, A Legal Aid Story

Everyday Justice, A Legal Aid Story (Ashley Wiltshire, Washington & Lee, 1963)

The Secrets of Casanova

The Secrets of Casanova, Greg Smith Michaels (University of Texas at Austin, 1970)

Your Authority Problem

Your Authority Problem, Benjamin Aaker, MD (University of South Dakota, 2001)

Memory’s Shadows

Memory’s Shadows, James Garrett (LaGrange College 1970)

A Victor’s Tale

A Victor’s Tale, The Story of Milo Flaten: One of the GIs Who Led the Invasion of Omaha Beach on D-Day, Richard “Doc” Westring, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1960)

A Selfish Man

A Selfish Man, Brian McGuire (University of Southern California, 1977)

A Tale of Two College Graduates

A Tale of Two College Graduates, Who Landed the Interview Jim Serger (University of Cincinnati, 1993)

Long Walks

Long Walks, Tree Tops & Blood Drops or Wandering, Pondering, and Lollygagging, Scott Rogers (Indiana University, 1971)

Sexual Jihad

Sexual Jihad, Nick Kalvin (DePauw University, 1955)

Cloud Computing Design Patterns

Cloud Computing Design Patterns, Bob Cope (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1971)