Beta Alpha Crescent Colony Marks Delt's Return to Indiana University

Beta Alpha Crescent Colony

On September 23, 2022, 89 men took the oath to become founding fathers of the Beta Alpha Crescent Colony at Indiana University. The men were welcomed by alumni, family, friends and members sorority members at the colony pledging ceremony.

Over four weeks, Andrew Krawczyk (University of South Carolina, 2022) and Sage Aucoin (University of Louisiana-Lafayette, 2022) led Delta Tau Delta's expansion project at Indiana University. Throughout the expansion, the founding fathers participated in three brotherhood events, including a bowling night, a hike and handing out free popsicles on campus. Additionally, the founding fathers served the community by volunteering at the Bloomington Community Orchard. The colony hosted its first alumni reception on September 22, where Colony Advisor Ken Glass (Indiana University, 1976) and Faculty Advisor Paul Schmidt (Ball State University, 1988) addressed those in attendance. Dating back to 1870, Beta Alpha Chapter has a long history on Indiana University's campus — it is now time for the founding fathers to define Delta Tau Delta's new legacy at IU.