Badge of Honor

The Badge of Honor in the Central Courtyard of the international headquarters includes the founders, all international presidents, and those Delts who have provided extraordinary service to Delta Tau Delta. Other than former international presidents, candidates for the Badge of Honor must receive the unanimous vote of the Arch Chapter and Board of Directors of the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation.

Instituted by the Arch Chapter in 2003.

Nomination Due: 45 days prior to Karnea. A nominating form is available through the Central Office.


  • The eight founders
  • The 53 former international presidents
  • Other honorees:
    John R. Thornton, West Liberty 1863
    Rhodes S. Sutton, Jefferson 1863
    Samuel S. Brown, Jefferson 1862
    Robert Robinson, Jefferson 1862
    William H. Kirk, Jefferson 1863
    William S. Eversole, Ohio 1869
    Edwin D. Curtis, Ohio Wesleyan 1870
    William C. Buchanan, Bethany 1873
    James S. Eaton, Allegheny 1875
    William S. Colvin, Ohio 1880
    William M. Day, Ohio Wesleyan 1871
    William W. Cook, Hillsdale 1879
    Frank F. Rogers, Stanford 1899
    Ralph W. Wray, Colorado 1920
    Alfred P. Sheriff III, Washington & Jefferson 1949
    David N. Keller, Ohio 1950
    L. Gale Wilkerson, Oklahoma State 1966
    Kenneth A. File, Kansas State 1981
    Jody B. Danneman, University of Georgia, 1988
    James W. Garboden, University of Pittsburgh 1988
    James B. Russell, Purdue University 1975