Alumni Spotlight: Paul DeMand, Kettering University

When you connect a hard-working, driven person with the right resources, you’ll often see how they can rise above their circumstances and achieve great things. Paul DeMand (Kettering University - B, 1988) has one of those stories.

Paul DeMand

Paul’s story begins in Detroit, where he was the oldest of five boys and the son of a Detroit, police officer. When Paul was in fifth grade, his parents let him know that if he wanted to attend college, he would have to earn a scholarship. There simply wasn’t enough money to pay for his college education.

Paul earned that scholarship, and he attended GMI (now Kettering), a small school specializing in the automotive industry. More than half of the student population is Greek, and Paul made the decision to pledge Delta Tau Delta. During his time as an undergraduate, not only served as chapter president but also learned skills and made connections that changed the course of his life.

Today Paul is the CEO of a global company called PSM International. PSM makes components that go inside some of the most popular products in the world, including Tesla and Chevy Volt automobiles, and the ever-popular iPhone. Paul says that his undergraduate fraternity experience was a “great testing ground for becoming a CEO.” He learned valuable leadership skills, and how to work alongside a wide variety of people.

Paul hasn’t only gained professionally from his Fraternity membership. All of his closest friends are in his life because of Delta Tau Delta, and it was standing up in a brother’s wedding that allowed him to meet his wife, who was the sister of the bride.

Today Paul and his wife have three children, and they currently reside in Hong Kong. The common bond of Delta Tau Delta values has allowed him to connect with brothers in his area, and grow new relationships. As Paul says, “The Delt experience translates globally.” When you are a brother of Delta Tau Delta, you have connections with men all over the world.

Paul’s advice to alumni is to get Involved, chapters want and need alumni involvement to grow and excel. There are multiple ways to get involved with a Delt chapter, whether it’s through giving time, knowledge or financial support. The internet makes it easier than ever to connect with brothers, so take advantage.

Paul DeMand went from being a young man of modest means to becoming the CEO of a global company, and Delta Tau Delta helped him get there. 

What young man will you inspire, and what goals will your support help him reach? The possibilities are endless.