Alumni Achievement Award

Alumni Achievement Awards are extended to alumni of the Fraternity, whose achievements in their fields of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to Delta Tau Delta.

Nomination Due: November 1 prior to Karnea. Nominations should be made in writing, including specific information about the professional career achievements of the nominee.

The award was instituted at the Portland Karnea in 1966.

240 Recipients (As of 2018)

Robert J. Ackerman, Ph.D. (Louisiana State University, 1970)
Robert O. Aders (Miami University, 1947)
George A. Aitcheson, USN (Ret) (University of Pittsburgh, 1952)
Duane D. Allen (Texas A&M - Commerce, 1965)
Henry K. Allen Sr (University of Texas - Austin, 1947)
Dr. John W. Altman (Miami University, 1960)
Robert W. Archer (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1960)
Reubin O'Donovan Askew (Florida State University, 1951)
G. Kenneth Austin, Jr. (Oregon State University, 1953)
Arthur C. Avril (Ohio State University, 1924)
Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. (Stevens Institute of Technology, 1966)
George T. Babbitt (University of Washington, 1964)
Carlyle M. Baker (Ohio State University, 1938)
W. Thane Baker (Kansas State University, 1953)
Gregory A. Ballard (Indiana University, 1976)
Charles E. Bancroft (Miami University, 1950)
Harold W. Bangert (University of North Dakota, 1927)
Richards D. Barger (Indiana University, 1950)
C. Anthony Barnhart (Georgia Southern University, 1975)
Robert C. Becherer (Purdue University, 1923)
W. Marston Becker (West Virginia University, 1974)
Bishop Peter H. Beckwith (Hillsdale College, 1961)
Thomas J. Bell (University of Toronto, 1936)
Melvin M. Belli (University of California, 1929)
George B. Bennett (West Virginia University, 1966)
Arnold Berg (Indiana University, 1932)
Fred L. Bissinger Esq. (Stevens Institute of Technology, 1933)
Murray M. Blackwelder (Baker University, 1969)
James J. Blanchard (Michigan State University, 1964)
Richard M. Boesen (DePauw University, 1929)
Burton C. Boothby (University of Colorado, 1945)
William A. Bostick (Carnegie Mellon University, 1934)
C. Robert Brenton (Iowa State University, 1953)

John A. Brock (University of Oklahoma, 1953)

Austin E. Brooks, Jr. (Wabash College, 1961)

Hon. G. Hank Brown (University of Colorado, 1961)

Tom L. Browning (University of Oregon, 1971)

George M. Brunzell (University of Idaho, 1936)

L. Edward E. Bryant (Northwestern University, 1963)

Dr. Bruce G. Buchanan (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1961)

Eugene M. Busche (Indiana University, 1950)

George A. Butler (University of Iowa, 1923)

Donald F. Calhoon (Ohio State University, 1973)

Sen. Thomas R. Carper (Ohio State University, 1968)

Gen. Charles C. Case Rt (West Virginia University, 1936)

R. Carl Chandler (Emory University, 1941)

Robert F. Charles (Wabash College, 1959)

Dr Robert A. Charpie (Carnegie Mellon University, 1948)

C. Douglas Cherry (Lafayette College, 1958)

Ralph J. Cicerone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965)

P. Richard Clark (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1939)

Kenneth H. J. Clarke (University of Toronto, 1936)

Gilbert H. Clee (Wesleyan University, 1935)

Hugh K. Coble (Carnegie Mellon University, 1956)

Robert W. Cornell (Syracuse University, 1928)

Kemper B. Crabb (Sam Houston State University, 1954)

D. Duane Cummins, PhD (Bethany College, 1957)

James E. Daley (Ohio University, 1963)

A. Clark Daugherty (Pennsylvania State University, 1944)

Melvin E. Dawley (Northwestern University, 1927)

Bernard J. Degen II (George Washington University, 1959)

Robert G. Dettmer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1955)

Merlin E. Dewing (University of North Dakota, 1956)

Ed Dodd (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1925)

Bob Dotson (University of Kansas, 1968)

Henry C. Duques (George Washington University, 1965)

Maurice R. Eastin (University of Illinois, 1935)

William H. Eells (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1946)

Richard T. Farmer (Miami University, 1956)

Arthur E. Favre, III (Louisiana State University, 1972)

Robert E. Feidler (University of North Dakota, 1971)

Robert C. Ferris (University of Illinois, 1949)

John W. Fisher (University of Tennessee, 1938)

M. Marlin Fitzwater (Kansas State University, 1964)

George W. Fletcher (University of Kansas, 1966)

Paul J. Franz (Lehigh University, 1945)

G. Shelby Friedrichs (Tulane University, 1933)

Dr. Stephen H. Fuller (Ohio University, 1941)

John W. Galbreath (Ohio University, 1920)

Hoyt D. Gardner (Westminster College, 1946)

Robert G. Gillespie (University of Alabama, 1928)

R. Stevens Gilley (Oregon State University, 1956)

John W. Gleeson (University of Illinois, 1968)

Glendon W. Gould (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1932)

James R. Grabau (Texas Christian University, 1968)

C. Jackson Grayson, Jr. (Tulane University, 1944)

Perry E. Gresham (Bethany College, 1931)

D. Wayne Hallstein (Purdue University, 1940)

Kent R. Hance (Texas Tech University, 1965)

John P. Harbin (University of Texas - Austin, 1939)

Samuel M. Harrell (Wabash College, 1952)

Gen. James H. Head (University of Kansas, 1964)

Jeffrey S. Heatherington (Willamette University, 1965)

Edwin L. Heminger (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1948)

C. Brad Henry (University of Oklahoma, 1985)

John T. Hepburn, Jr. (Purdue University, 1941)

Paul D. Hermann (Lawrence University, 1946)

Eugene B. Hibbs (University of Kansas, 1933)

Lynn P. Himmelman (University of Washington, 1933)

Andrew D. Holt (Emory University, 1927)

Don S. Holt (University of North Carolina, 1929)

Bishop Don W. Holter PhD (Baker University, 1927)

Robert H. Hood, Jr. (University of Pittsburgh, 1954)

W. James Host (University of Kentucky, 1959)

Thomas H. Humes, Jr. (University of Cincinnati, 1971)

Robert B. Hunter, M.D. (University of Washington, 1940)

Richard W. Ince (University of Texas - Austin, 1960)

Porter M. Jarvis (Iowa State University, 1924)

Hon James A. Jerome (University of Toronto, 1954)

Dr. Martin C. Jischke (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1963)

Hon Timothy P. Johnson (University of South Dakota, 1969)

Oliver M. Johnston, Jr. (Stanford University, 1935)

Dr. Robert J. Kegerreis (Ohio State University, 1943)

James J. Kelly (DePauw University, 1954)

Chandler G. Ketchum (University of Pittsburgh, 1949)

Kenneth J. Kies (Ohio University, 1974)

Frank D. Kiewel, Jr. (University of Minnesota, 1929)

Dr. William E. Kirwan II (University of Kentucky, 1960)

E. Henry Knoche (Washington & Jefferson College, 1946)

Gerald A. Kolschowsky (Iowa State University, 1961)

Dr. Wilfred R. Konneker (Ohio University, 1943)

Dan M. Krausse (University of Texas - Austin, 1947)

Joseph C. Ladd (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1950)

Laurence W. Lane, Jr. (Stanford University, 1942)

Louie P. Lathem, Jr. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1942)

William M. Laub, Sr. (University of California - Los Angeles, 1947)

Jack Laughery (University of Iowa, 1957)

William S. Lawo, Jr. (University of Tennessee, 1932)

Duane M. Leach (University of South Dakota, 1957)

Edmond H. Leavey (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1922)

Daniel T. Lemaitre (Bethany College, 1976)

William S. Lerach (University of Pittsburgh, 1967)

John W. Lettmann (University of Kansas, 1964)

Dr. Peter W. Likins (Stanford University, 1957)

Louis C. Lustenberger, Jr. (Carnegie Mellon University, 1926)

James T. Lynn (Case Western Reserve University, 1948)

Gordon S. Macklin (Brown University, 1950)

Norman MacLeod (University of Pittsburgh, 1917)

Dr. Neal Malicky (Baker University, 1956)

Robert G. Marbut (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1957)

I. William Martin, Jr. (West Virginia University, 1949)

Thomas K. Mattingly II USN Ret (Auburn University, 1958)

James R. McCartney (West Virginia University, 1941)

James M. McClelland (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1966)

Michael L. McCluggage (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1969)

J. Warren McClure (Ohio University, 1940)

Gary W. McCollum (Texas A&M - Commerce, 1962)

Robert T. McCowan (University of Kentucky, 1951)

G. Herbert McCracken (University of Pittsburgh, 1921)

Marno M. McDermott, Jr. (University of Minnesota, 1960)

James T. McIntyre, Jr. (University of Georgia, 1963)

Donald M. McKale (Iowa State University, 1966)

Maj. Gen. George W. McLaughlin (Ohio State University, 1942)

Ramon A. Mears (Miami University, 1949)

Henry A. Mentz (Tulane University, 1941)

Bruce A. Meredith (West Virginia University, 1960)

Gary G. Michael (University of Idaho, 1962)

Paul G. Miller (Purdue University, 1944)

James F. Montgomery (University of California - Los Angeles, 1956)

James C. Morton, Jr. (Westminster College, 1967)

Robert K. Muhs, Jr. (University of North Dakota, 1977)

Jim T. Nabors (University of Alabama, 1951)

John W. Nichols (University of Oklahoma, 1936)

Patrick J. O'Brien (University of South Dakota, 1970)

C. C. Odom (Texas Christian University, 1966)

Dr. John G. Olin (Illinois Institute of Technology, 1961)

Charles E. O'Neal (University of Iowa, 1927)

Alfred K. Orsatti (University of Southern California, 1956)

Stanley C Pace (University of Kentucky, 1943)

Dr. Joseph T. Painter (University of Texas - Austin, 1945)

David D. Palmer (University of Pennsylvania, 1929)

Thomas L. Parker (Ohio State University, 1943)

Richard N. Patterson (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1968)

John H. Perkins (Northwestern University, 1943)

Joseph H. Peters (Baker University, 1942)

Herman H. Pevler (Purdue University, 1926)

Robert A. Pitner (University of Kansas, 1965)

H. M. Poole, Jr. (University of Washington, 1940)

Ward L. Quaal (University of Michigan, 1941)

Fred Radewagen (Northwestern University, 1966)

Jennings Randolph, Jr. (George Washington University, 1960)

Edward B. Reeves (University of Texas - Austin, 1962)

Daniel J. Reschly (Iowa State University, 1966)

William B. Richardson, Jr. (Tufts University, 1970)

Alan E. Riedel (Ohio University, 1952)

Maurice R. Robinson (Dartmouth College, 1919)

Travis O. Rockey (University of Florida, 1973)

John H. Rohrbeck (University of Washington, 1962)

Dr. Richard F. Rosser (Ohio Wesleyan University, 1951)

Paul D. Rosso, PhD (West Virginia University, 1968)

W. Kyle Rote, Jr. (University of the South, 1972)

Paul D. Ryan (Miami University, 1992)

Dallas L. Salisbury (University of Washington, 1971)

C. E. Schmidt (University of Chicago, 1932)

Jerry E. Shea, Jr. (Louisiana State University, 1972)

V Adm Allen M. Shinn Rt (University of California, 1930)

Otto A. Silha (University of Minnesota, 1940)

Wayne A. Sinclair (West Virginia University, 1968)

Hon. John V. Singleton, Jr. (University of Texas - Austin, 1941)

Norman C. Skalicky (University of North Dakota, 1955)

Steven J. Smith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1962)

Thomas J. Snyder (Kettering University A, 1967)

William B. Spann (Emory University, 1932)

Alva T. Stair (University of Oklahoma, 1952)

C. Richard Stark, Jr. (Iowa State University, 1971)

Floyd E. Starr (Albion College, 1910)

Robert F. Stephens, Jr. (Indiana University, 1949)

John W. Stirling, Jr. (University of Pittsburgh, 1932)

Edwin W. Stuchell (University of Washington, 1917)

Robert W. Swinarton (Washington and Lee University, 1949)

Right Rev William E. Swing (Kenyon College, 1958)

Robert H. Taupeka (Tufts University, 1960)

S. Blackwell Taylor (Purdue University, 1924)

John W. Temple (University of Washington, 1959)

Mims Thomason (University of Tennessee, 1931)

Thomas M. Thompson (Case Western Reserve University, 1939)

Eugene M. Thore' (Stevens Institute of Technology, 1925)

Paul D. Tobias (Albion College, 1973)

Monroe Trout (University of Pennsylvania, 1953)

Fred C. Tucker, Jr. (DePauw University, 1940)

Frederick C. Tucker, III (DePauw University, 1969)

Brooke E. Tuttle (Ohio State University, 1957)

Timothy H. Ubben (DePauw University, 1958)

Myron E. Ullman, III (University of Cincinnati, 1969)

Theodore R. Van Dellen, M.D. (Northwestern University, 1932)

John A. van Hengel (Lawrence University, 1944)

Vaughn O. Vennerberg II (Oklahoma State University, 1976)

James L. Vincent (Duke University, 1961)

James L. Von Harz (Purdue University, 1938)

Ormand J. Wade (University of Maine, 1961)

Harold A. Wagner (Stanford University, 1957)

Stuart D. Watson (DePauw University, 1938)

Peter Weaver (Kenyon College, 1950)

Steven A. Webster (Purdue University, 1973)

Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. (Texas Tech University, 1964)

John F. White (Lawrence University, 1941)

Frank L. Whitney (Case Western Reserve University, 1936)

A. Carter Wilmot (Miami University, 1950)

John F. Wolfe (Washington and Lee University, 1965)

Peter K. C. Woo (University of Cincinnati, 1970)

Dr. Cliff L. Wood (Texas A&M - Commerce, 1966)