Advocacy on Capitol Hill

April 30, 2019

Delts on Capitol Hill


Delta Tau Delta helps men see the journey by teaching them, mentoring them and guiding them as they become positive advocates for their community and the world; to advocate for value the fraternity and sorority experience and two higher education policy priorities, Delta Tau Delta representatives joined more than 250 fraternity and sorority members, both alumni and undergraduates on Capitol Hill in April.

International President Steve Paquette (Syracuse University, 1977), CEO Jack Kreman (University of Nebraska at Kearney) and Mitchell Rosenberg (Chapman University, 2019) represented the Fraternity participating in several of the more than 460 meetings between fraternity and sorority members and legislators or their staff.

Selected as one of three undergraduate speakers at the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee dinner Rosenberg recounted the impact of witnessing an act of kindness fraternity brother helping a homeless man. “That day demonstrated something to me and illustrated something vitally important,” said Rosenberg. “All of us, but especially those of us who lead others, need to live our best values every day, and not just preach them.”

Rosenberg said fraternities and sororities provide an exemplary foundation. “We will take the lessons we’ve learned from our experiences and embrace the values we’ve been taught to venture into the world as strong, confident, determined, and passionate adults. We have learned to give back. Give back to our families and our communities and our country. Give back to people less fortunate than us. Give back with our time and our resources and our hearts,” he said.

“We, here, are creating and supporting the next generation of leaders. We must be tolerant, creative, and idealistic to create the world as we want it to be. We are being challenged to stand up. In the difficult and turbulent times in which we live, where moral boundaries are consistently being blurred and redefined, it is more important than ever to help our generation navigate these waters; to help them learn what is right and what is wrong; to stand up for those less fortunate; and to lead with compassion and kindness. My chapter’s founding principles include Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power and values such as these will help build a generation of moral leaders and, most importantly, good people. I always go back to my favorite quote. For me, this is what it’s all about. ‘Do all the good you can. For all the people you can. For as long as you can.’ My fraternity has helped me to do just that. I have made lifelong friendships and it has made me a better person, a better leader, and a better advocate, and for that, I am grateful.”

The Fraternal Government Relations Coalition

The Fraternal Government Relations Coalitioncollectively represents 92 single-sex fraternities and sororities nationwide with more than 800,000 undergraduate members at over 9,500 chapters on almost 700 campuses, as well as more than 9.1 million alumni.

Legislative Priorities



*Delta Tau Delta and the North-American Interfraternity Conference understand sex is the classification as male or female assigned at birth and gender identity is a person’s internal sense of gender. The term is used because Title IX uses “sex” when referring to social fraternities, yet societal understanding has moved toward “gender identity.”