Act Now to Preserve the Fraternity Experience for Brothers in the Future!

For 160 years, Delta Tau Delta has been committed to lives of excellence, and we know the Delt experience prepares brothers for their futures unlike any other network available to students today.

Across the nation, students who join fraternities find valuable leadership, friendship, academic and personal growth opportunities through brotherhood and the fellowship of men. Single-sex organizations, like fraternities and sororities, represent the one place on a college campus, where through a shared experience, young men or young women can enjoy a sense of belonging and personal development. Fraternities, like Delt are more important than ever as we seek to develop men of character.

Yet, despite the many lifelong benefits of the experience, it now has become increasingly common for colleges and universities to impose policies aimed at forcing single-sex organizations to become co-ed or to impose other membership policies that would violate a student’s right to freely associate with the organization of his choice.

For the first time in 10 years, Congress is working to reauthorize critical higher education legislation that can impact our organization, and so we must grasp this crucial opportunity to preserve the fraternity experience.

We need your help!

Click here to contact Congress to support the inclusion of language in the Higher Education Act that would protect college students’ Freedom of Association rights to join single-sex organizations. Single-sex organizations, like men’s fraternities, create an irreplaceable community for students and are more important today than ever. Help us make sure they are protected under the law!

 To preserve the fraternity experience for Delt brothers in the future:

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