2023 Division Conference Awards

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity recognized its top chapters for the 58th year with the Hugh Shields Award during the Fraternity’s Division Conferences in February.

Hugh Shields Award for Chapter Excellence

Established in 1965, the Hugh Shields Award for Chapter Excellence is named for the late Hugh Shields (Indiana University, 1926), the first executive vice president of the Fraternity. The award recognizes overall excellence in a chapter and is presented to the top 10 chapters in the Fraternity. Chapters receive a gavel and a Hugh Shields flag.

The 2022 Hugh Shields recipients (Total number of years the chapter received the Hugh Shields Award, including this year in parentheses, followed by the number of years the chapter has been named to the Court of Honor):

  • Gamma Rho – University of Oregon (5, 6)
  • Epsilon Phi – Southeastern Louisiana University (22, 25)
  • Gamma Psi – Georgia Institute of Technology (6, 14)
  • Theta Eta – University of South Carolina (9, 11)
  • Zeta Zeta – Morehead State University (6, 9)
  • Zeta Mu – Robert Morris University (3, 4)
  • Kappa Theta – University of Connecticut (1, 1)
  • Epsilon Nu – Missouri Science and Technology (5, 10)
  • Theta Kappa – University of Nebraska-Kearney (4, 11)
  • Gamma Xi – University of Cincinnati (14, 16)
  • Epsilon Iota B – Kettering University (14, 23)

In addition to the Hugh Shields Awards, these chapters also received a Court of Honor Award for 2022.

Court of Honor Award

Also established in 1965, the Court of Honor Award is presented to the top 20 chapters in the Fraternity. For the 2022 reporting year, all chapters were asked to submit the Fraternity Awards/Accreditation Report (FAAR). Chapters were asked to provide documents that measure compliance with the Fraternity’s minimum operating standards, exceptional facets of their operations and Delta Tau Delta programming. Chapters were graded on excellence in chapter finance, recruitment, membership education, academics, alumni relations and community service. Chapters are honored with a gavel.

The 2022 Court of Honor (total number of years awarded, including this year in parentheses)

The Court of Honor includes all the Hugh Shields recipients and the chapters listed below:

  • Epsilon Psi – University of Louisiana-Lafayette (1)
  • Beta Zeta – Butler University (25)
  • Delta Gamma – University of South Dakota (27)
  • Epsilon Upsilon – Marietta College (15)
  • Gamma Kappa – University of Missouri (17)
  • Gamma Pi – Iowa State University (35)
  • Nu – Lafayette College (2)
  • Theta Tau – Moravian University (1)

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Also presented at Division Conferences:

William J. Fraering Award for Young Alumni Service

  • Jon Duraj (Wittenberg University, 2009)
  • Ray Ocampo (University of Oregon, 2007)
  • Dylan Pyne (The George Washington University, 2012)

Distinguished Service Chapter

  • Jim Garboden (University of Pittsburgh, 1988)
  • Gerald Kelly (Oregon State, 1957) 
  • Steve Leland (University of Southern California, 1985)
  • James R. Wallen, II (Colorado State University, 1993)

Division Awards

Eastern Division

Chapter President of the Year – Tyler Osipower (Lafayette College, 2024)

Chapter Advisor of the Year – Anthony Sansone (University of Iowa, 2016)

Northern Division

Chapter Advisor of the Year – Michael Hart (Bowling Green State University, 1983).

Chapter President of the Year – Sameer Bhagi (University of Minnesota, 2023).

Southern Division

Chapter President of the Year – Davis Roberts (Kappa Iota, East Carolina University, 2024)

Chapter Advisor of the Year – David Baker (Theta Eta, University of South Carolina, 2000).

Western Pacific Division

Bowersox Award (Chapter Advisor of the Year) – Cody Keim (University of California, Los Angeles, 2016)

Chapter President of the Year – Carson Hearn (Northern Arizona University, 2023)

Alumni Service Recognition – Thomas Utsch (Lehigh University, 1986)

Most Improved Chapter for 2022 – Beta Rho, Stanford University

Western Plains Division

Chapter Advisor of the Year – Dain Tolbert (Texas A&M University, 2002)

Chapter President of the Year – Matthew Moore (Oklahoma State University, 2024)

Silver Chevron Award – (Dave Hammon, Missouri University of Science & Technology, 2002)