Highlights from our 2018 Annual Report

The fiscal year ending on July 31, 2016 was outstanding for Delta Tau Delta. The Fraternity continues to rise to new heights. The Arch Chapter and Central Office staff are working collaboratively to execute the Fraternity's strategic plan which focuses on four key areas: Undergraduate Experience, Alumni and Volunteer Engagement, Community Engagement and Strategic Growth. 

Undergraduate Experiences

It is our responsibility to ensure our programming remains innovative and provides young men with the experiences and training they need to live lives of excellence.

Alumni and Volunteer Engagement

When Delta Tau Delta is blessed by well-trained and fully engaged volunteers, our chapters typically do well. When our chapters do not have the benefit of mature guidance, or where there is not enough of it, our chapters will surely struggle, either in the short or long term. The Fraternity will become the industry leader in recruiting, supporting, encouraging, enabling and recognizing all of our volunteers. We will seek to provide pathways for alumni of all ages, skills and time availability to join in making Delta Tau Delta the recognized leader of the fraternal world.

Community Engagement

Strengthening Community is Essential to our Vitality: The pursuit of a life of excellence must occur through constant interaction with many different communities. Therefore, a strong community is vital for your future, as well as the Fraternity’s.

Strategic Growth

Young men today need the Delt Mission and Values more than ever. Delta Tau Delta realizes its vision when more men learn to live by our values. Our success depends on more young men being Delts. All men of excellence should have the opportunity to be Delts.

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Annual Report