The world needs more Delts and the need for human connections is stronger than ever. The page answers questions and provides new resources to help your chapter succeed with recruitment and retention.

Frequently Asked Questioned 

Q: What are the recommendations for retaining current members during this time?

A: Members of the executive board should develop a recruitment/retention plan for their own members. When members are considering stepping away from the Fraternity, often times a contributing factor is because of uncertainty or lack of communication. To prevent this, chapters are encouraged to complete the following:
  • Identify aspects of chapter operations that may need to be adjusted based on local guidance and develop a plan for how it will accommodate.
  • For housed chapters, the house corporation president, chapter president and chapter advisor need to communicate a consistent housing message.
  • Develop a FAQ doc for members of the chapters that is specific to your chapter or colony.
  • Each member should receive a call from one person on the executive board. Executive board members should project optimism and communicate the information listed above.
  • Set a goal for several touch-points the chapter wants to have with each member throughout the summer.
  • Create a names list similar to those used for the recruitment process and track the anticipated returning membership to plan for the upcoming year.
  • Special attention should be given to any fall 2021 new members especially any who are not yet initiated.  

 Q: What are some suggested strategies for recruiting virtually?

A: There will be individuals on your campus who can benefit from membership in Delta Tau Delta. Provide these men the opportunity to have the full undergraduate Delt experience. While virtual recruitment is not the first option anyone would choose, many of the same strategies that make a normal recruitment plan successful can be applied to a virtual experience. Even if fewer men are recruited, one year without any new members can also impact a chapter for years down the road, so it is important to continue to be focused on the lifeblood of your chapter. Here are a few strategies chapters can utilize:
  • Referrals
    • Develop a referral strategy to collect recommendations from people about prospective members. Reach out to local alumni, create a competition between sororities on campus to see who can provide the most referrals, create a competition between members, utilize lists of graduating seniors from local high schools or look up rosters of organizations that focus on similar interests your members have. Make sure to obtain contact information as you receive these referrals.
    • Set a goal for the number of lists to obtain from university outlets and number of names to have on your names list.
    • Remember because someone is listed on your names list doesn’t mean he has to join. However, the more men you contact the greater chance you have with finding the right men for your chapter.
  • Social Media
    • Find social media pages for incoming students and send a direct message to men in those groups.
    • Consider purchasing paid advertisements on social media platforms that is an invitation for the individual to receive a personal DM from a member to start a conversation about your chapter.
    • Include in all social media posts a way for any prospective member to contact members with interest in the chapter.
  • One-on-one meetings:
    • If in-person meetings are not an option, encouraged members to use virtual platforms to hold these meetings
  • For chapters and colonies who are able to meet, but have limitations placed on gathering sizes have additional options members can consider.
    • Holding the same event at different locations at the same time.
    • Making sure the gathering size follows local guidance at each location.
    • Focusing on getting to know potential members during events. Remember most people join the Fraternity because of individuals they meet not the event.
    • The priority should always be about getting to know prospective members more. 

Q: Should my chapter recruit new members this year?

A: Chapters are strongly encouraged to continue to recruit new members. If there are men who want to have the benefits Delta Tau Delta provides, they should have the opportunity. Think about the impact the Fraternity has made on you, and the importance it has in your life now. There are young men on campus who want and need the opportunities our brotherhood provides. Also, the bonds created in the Fraternity last beyond the time members are at their institution. Don’t miss out on a lifelong friendship that will last beyond the collegiate experience

There are operational benefits as well. A gap in a semester without new members will impact the chapter not just this semester, but that void will be felt during the next three years. Make sure your chapter’s operations have the bandwidth and financial ability to continue to operate at a high level.

Q: How can the national organization assist with the recruitment process?

A: A director of recruitment training module will be available for use by August 1. Login to myDelt and click on Aspire on the left-hand side of the page to access.

Chapters and colonies can utilize the Fraternity’s presentations that it uses when presenting to campuses for potential expansion opportunities

The Central Office staff has a checklist for staff conducting a visit to a chapter focused on recruitment training. This can be found in the resource section below.