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When and where is PAR?

May 17-19, 2019 at the Fisher-Nichols Memorial Headquarters in Fishers, IN

Cost: $100 registration fee per chapter (includes travel, lodging and food)

PAR Application

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What is PAR? 

The working relationship between a chapter president and the chapter advisor is critical to success. Having trust in one another and the ability to collaborate is necessary to lead the chapter. This vigorous retreat offers attendees an opportunity to build a supportive network of presidents and advisors from chapters across the country.

What should I expect?

You will have the opportunity to come to Delta Tau Delta’s Central Office. You will have time to tour the museum and view items from Delt history since our founding. Most importantly, both presidents and advisors gain tools to increase their effectiveness. On average chapters who are represented at PAR increase their FAAR ranking by 15 positions the following year.

“The Presidents and Advisors Retreat is an incredible and unique opportunity to be immersed with the most respected and motivated Delts across the country. From attending as a newly installed president, I was able to earn the trust of my advisor and develop a very effective working relationship.” -- Evan Powell (Case Western Reserve University, 2018)

Understanding that the President and Advisor role is the most critical within every chapter, The Presidents and Advisors Retreat was founded in 2003 and serves as a unique opportunity to develop the skills and relationship necessary to be effective chapter leaders. This program is designed to help enhance the communication and goal setting effectiveness between the president and advisor. It uses tools such as the Strength Finders assessment to determine how Presidents and their Advisors can use their skills for the best possible outcomes. During the weekend, experienced alumni and college student personnel facilitators guide the participants through discussions, activities and examples of best practices that can be replicated in any chapter.