Delta Tau Delta Staffing Announcement

Over the past year, the Fraternity analyzed its membership service model. The Fraternity is committed to being more accessible, providing members greater ownership in their Delt experience, and adding greater value to every interaction it has with members. In addition, knowing the chapter advisor is the most valuable resource undergraduate members utilize, the organization needed to identify enhancements to the support it provides to these volunteers.

Starting this month, the Central Office will add new coordinator level positions to its member services team. These positions will be the staff supporting undergraduate chapters and will focus on specific operational areas. Some will focus on officer support and others will focus on chapter accountability. This team will check in on groups throughout the year as consultants have previously done to help improve chapter operations. They will also be the staff representatives visiting chapters throughout the school year and be the person chapter leaders can contact to receive a visit when they need and want it. We will now have a staff member fully dedicated to recruiting lead chapter advisors and assisting them with the development of their volunteer team. In addition, every newly-appointed chapter advisor will receive customized in-person one-on-one training from one of these staff members.

The Fraternity is also excited to welcome its next leadership consultant team. They will continue the “Chi Chi” legacy as they work with the Fraternity’s colonies and youngest chapters. They will take a greater role onboarding colony advisory teams and continue to plant the Delt flag at new campuses across the country.

Over the past two months, the Central Office interviewed outstanding candidates for these new positions. Both the programming and member services teams completed their search and we are excited to share the following updates. 

Director of Undergraduate Education

Alex Kennedy joins us from Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority where she worked as the chapter services coordinator. Prior to that service, she was the coordinator of student activities/Greek affairs at Western Kentucky University. She received her Bachelor of Science Communication from Central Michigan University and her Master of Arts in education from Western Kentucky University. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity.

Alex will manage our membership education programming, serve as a resource for our chapters and chapter officers and manage our growing on-line learning management system and education and support programming at division conferences and Karnea. She will supervise Coordinator of Undergraduate Education Jacob Ellis and report to Vice President of Education and Programming, Andy Longo.

Alex will be based in the Central Office with a start date of June 8, 2020.

Chapter Support Coordinators

Kelley Fox joins us from the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix where she serves as a coordinator for student services and programs. After serving two years as a leadership consultant for Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, she obtained her Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Arkansas. Kelley will work remotely based out of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Nick Yarbrough joins us from Baker University located in Baldwin City, Kan. He currently serves as an admissions counselor recruiting for the institution and assisting potential students with the application process. Prior to returning to his alma mater in a professional role Nick traveled two years as a leadership consultant for Delta Tau Delta. Nick will work remotely based out of the Kansas City area.

Kelley and Nick will work to support our chapters in operational areas such as finances and completing our accreditation process. In addition, they will assist with recruitment, officer training, and execute our new advisor training. Both Kelley and Nick will report to the Vice President of Membership, Doug Russell.

Both will start on June 1, 2020. 

Accountability Training Coordinator

Dana Finley joins us from Illinois State University where she serves as a senior specialist for sorority and fraternity life. She obtained her Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Indiana University after serving as a leadership consultant for Sigma Kappa for two years. Dana will work remotely based out of Columbia, Mo.

Dana will oversee support provided to chapters in need of risk management training and education. In addition, she will support undergraduate members and volunteers at chapters with an Alumni Supervisory Committee in place. Dana will report to the Director of Risk Response and Education, Tiffani Ziemann.

Dana will start on June 1, 2020.

Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator

Nick Pidgeon joins us after serving on Delta Tau Delta’s leadership consultant team. Prior to serving in this role, he joined the Fraternity at the University of South Florida where he received his bachelor's degree in integrative animal biology. During his time on staff, he led our expansion project at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, served on the expansion team at the University of South Carolina and supported chapters in the Plains region. Nick will work remotely based out of Tampa, Fla.

Nick will oversee the process of recruiting lead advisors who support the development of our undergraduate members. He will also be tasked with enhancing and standardizing our volunteer recruitment process. Nick will report to the Director of Volunteers, Bentley Anderson.

Nick will start on June 1, 2020.

Out of an abundance of caution due to travel concerns with the COVID-19 outbreak the coordinators will begin their time on staff working remotely. We are currently looking at bringing them into the office from June 23-25 to meet everyone on staff.

Expansion Consultants

Jacob Armosino joins us from our Theta Gamma Chapter at Arizona State University where he will receive his bachelor's degree in sociology. As an undergraduate, he has served as the director of recruitment and public relations chairman.

David Auth joins us from our Zeta Mu Chapter at Robert Morris University where he will receive his bachelor's degree in communications. As an undergraduate, he served as president, vice president and community service chairman.

Dalton Ford joins us from Iota Theta Chapter at Kennesaw State University where he will be receiving his bachelor's degree in business administration and economics. During his time in the chapter, he has served as the IFC president, IFC vice p of standards and his chapter’s sergeant-at-arms and philanthropy chairman.

Jacob, David and Dalton will serve as the expansion team for the University of Mississippi, University of Arizona and potential second spring expansion project. In addition, they will work with the newer colonies in the Fraternity and provide on-site support to help them solidify their operational foundation. All three will report to the Director of Growth, Adam Abbott.

Colony Support Consultant

Justin Vatti is joining us from our Theta Tau Chapter at Moravian College where he received his bachelor's degree in political science. As an undergraduate, he served as chapter president. He was also an orientation leader and vice president of the Moravian Activities Council.

Justin will work with the more established colonies in the Fraternity. He will provide on-site support to help these groups submit their petition and obtain approval from the Arch Chapter to become a recognized chapter in Delta Tau Delta. He will also assume the responsibilities for being the lead staff member for planning installation ceremonies and will serve as the on-site lead for these experiences. Justin will report to the Director of Growth, Adam Abbott.

The consultants will start on June 22, 2020, and will train from the Central Office as is tradition.