Delt men are stepping up to strengthen chapters across the country. They’re leading the way to achieve excellence.

Division conference is that time each year when Delts from around the country gather to share brotherhood, exchange ideas and learn new techniques and strategies in the pursuit of excellence. The programming of the division conference is rooted in the domains of the Life of Excellence (Delt’s member education and experience) framework.

Who Should Attend

Chapters and colonies are expected to send eight undergraduates to the division conference. This year’s curriculum has changed from officer education to member development and leadership programming. In the past, the Central Office recommended certain officers attend in order to get the most from the educational sessions. This change in the curriculum means ANY AND ALL undergraduate Delts are invited and encouraged to attend division conferences. The programming of the division conference is rooted in the domains of the Life of Excellence (Delt’s member education and experience) framework. The four domains are listed below with their tenets (or topics)

If any or all of these topics above below are exciting to you – we encourage you to make plans to attend. We have designed these experiences so that you can attend, year-over-year, to grow and learn with your fellow Delts.

Life of Excellence Domains 

Personal Leadership

  • Values
  • Identity
  • Talent
  • Self-Authorship

Professional Development:

  • Career Exploration
  • Relationship Building
  • Career Preparedness

Wellness & Well-Being:

  • Personal Wellness
  • Communal Wellness
Delt’s Five Dimensions of Wellness: Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Financial

Strengthening Community

  • Belonging
  • Inclusion
  • Stewardship

Chapters sending no delegation to attend a division conference will be subject to the following sanctions:

  • The chapter will incur a fine of $1,000 which will be held for the chapter for future scholarships to attend a division conference.
  • The chapter will forfeit any awards they were to be awarded at that conference.
  • The chapter will be required to send ten members to the next conference.
  • The chapter will meet with a Phonarch with the intent that the Phonarch will be able to help the chapter get some of the information they will have missed at the conference. The Phonarch’s expenses will be covered by the Division.
  • The second year of violation consequences will include all consequences from the first year plus a required show cause hearing by an appointed Phonarch committee. The Phonarch will be coordinated by the Central Office staff at the chapter’s expense.

Any chapter sending less than the eight required members will be fined not less than the registration fee ($150) for their conference for each member not in attendance (up to three members). 

Nothing in this policy should be read to prohibit the Central Office from modifying this policy based on special circumstances. This includes decisions on how to address chapters that send their delegation but the delegation does not attend sessions and/or leaves the conference early. To request an exception to the attendance policy please complete this form.