Every year Delta Tau Delta employs a staff of Chapter Leadership Consultants who spend their time visiting and mentoring Delt chapters across the country. These men are some of the brightest leaders in the organization and represent the face and spirit of the Fraternity. Whether teaching and modeling individual leadership skills or coaching a chapter on improving academics, recruiting founding fathers on an expansion project or helping members better understand the values taught by our Ritual, the chapter leadership consultants play a vital role in the growth of Delta Tau Delta’s members and chapters.

A typical chapter leadership consultant will be assigned a region with 15-20 chapters/colonies and is charged to support those groups and deliver resources from the national level. A typical term of service begins with over two months of training during the summer at Delt headquarters in Fishers, IN. During the school year each consultant will visit assigned chapters at least twice during the year, as well as support expansion projects, division conferences and other initiatives.