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Reconnect and Pursue Excellence

Never have I approached the turning of a page on the calendar with so much excitement. Let’s face it. The last 12 months were not a lot of fun. Survival never is. While our organization is used to blazing new trails and leading men to excellence, the last year was simply about staying afloat and supporting each other. Though humbling at times, it was rewarding to see you all come together and help you and your brothers make the best of an awful year.

Now we look ahead. I have spoken with nearly half of our chapter presidents this summer and about a third of our volunteers. To a man, when asked what they were looking forward to this fall, each responded, “seeing and spending time with my brothers.” Through the worst of times, we often learn to value the most basic and most important things. I too am looking forward to seeing you all again and sharing those bonds which sustain us and better prepare us for the duties of life.

Your leadership has a bold plan for the next year. Just as we did not pause our programs last year, we intend to make up all lost ground and then some in the year to come. The Arch Chapter and Central Office have committed to a bold goal of 8,500 members this year. Last year we were 7,960 members strong, but lower recruitment took its toll. Our 7,960 member total is down significantly from our pre-pandemic number of 9,150. Growing to 8,500 members is a stretch. I know we will all do our part and I am looking forward to blowing well past that goal.

We also have made a commitment to see at least 1,400 of you at our in-person programs this year. We have a full slate of programs scheduled – division conferences, the third PresX, the second Volunteer Coaching Summit, Ignites and a new program we will launch specifically for new member educators. After more than a year of having no face-to-face time with our brothers, we want to see thousands of you this year. Register early and register often.

Finally, we are committing to reinvesting our resources in you. We will return to a fully in-person PresX. If you are interested in being the next chapter president, please keep this program in mind. We have allocated a significant amount of funds for recruitment support. We want to help you find the best men on campus to be the next generation of Delts. Beginning October 1, we will hire a new staff member specifically charged with improving the health and wellness of our members. Every investment is framed by a desire to make you a better man. As CEO, I am excited to see these concepts come to life.

As you return to campus, please take some time to reconnect. Take time to remember the brothers who helped you in this last year. Then, once reconnected, let’s move forward as we always do in pursuit of lives of excellence. 


Jack Kreman, Chief Executive Officer 

Reporting: New Members, Initiates, Officer Changes, Status Changes and More

Please ensure all spring 2021 new members have completed the course requirements and the chapter submits an initiation report within 48 hours of the formal initiation ceremony. It is important that all initiates are reported within the 48-hour timeline.

Officer and member status changes are to be reported as they occur. Please read the reporting instructions carefully for submitting officer changes, new member reports, initiation reports and status changes.

Be sure to update your incoming officers, assign their Vault reporting permissions and delete permissions for outgoing officers.

If you have new members, please add them in Vault and submit a new member report within 48 hours of formal pledging. Email your anticipated formal pledging and initiation ceremony dates (or if you will not be having a new member class) to

Any chapter with new members still within the eight-week timeframe will need to initiate its new members within the eight-week maximum. Chapters failing to comply will be placed on a cease and desist and the host institution will be notified. 

Annual Dues and Due Dates

Please read this information carefully to avoid incurring fines for missed deadlines. Due dates and instructions for submitting status changes and annual dues deadlines are included.

2021 Fall Annual Dues and Reporting Instructions

Email your anticipated formal pledging and initiation ceremony dates (or if you will not be having a new member class) to when they have been set.

Contact: Kathy Sargent, Member Services Assistant

Tax Returns-Form 990

Most tax-exempt organizations are required to file an annual return. For Delta Tau Delta chapters and colonies, a version of Form 990 is due every year to the IRS by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of the tax year. For example, if your chapter’s tax year ends on June 30, the appropriate version of Form 990 is due November 15.

Which form a chapter must file depends on its financial activity.


Gross receipts are the total amounts the organization received from all sources during its annual accounting period, without subtracting any costs or expenses. Click on the IRS instructions above for more specific information and definitions. An organization that fails to file the required e-Postcard (or annual return) for three consecutive tax years automatically loses its tax-exempt status.

Delta Tau Delta has identified an IRS-approved vendor,, whose online platform simplifies the online completion and submission of Form 990-EZ at a very nominal cost. This platform can save the director of finance significant time and frustration.

Contact: Veronica McSorley, Accounts Receivable Accountant 

Health & Wellness
Building Up Brothers

Building Up Brothers: Delta Tau Delta's Ongoing Campaign to Educate Members
on Well-Being #BUB

Building Up Brothers (BUB) is Delta Tau Delta Fraternity’s ongoing campaign to educate members on well-being. Our goal is to help students and alumni understand what well-being is, learn strategies to improve their well-being and help others when they are struggling with their well-being. BUB is a vehicle to educate and inform students and alumni on topics related to four domains; mental, physical, social or emotional well-being. Through a variety of tools and resources, the Fraternity provides ways for chapters to integrate the campaign into what you are already doing. includes all Delta Tau Delta health and wellness resources and programs. You will find information on:

Building Up Brothers

  • Talkspace
  • JED/Delt ULifeline
  • You Can Help a Brother (YCHAB) programming

And our newest resource, the Guidebook. The Guidebook provides information and resources to assist your chapter in providing membership-based health and wellness programming in addition to wellness tips for the entire chapter. Every member is encouraged to check out the Guidebook to learn more about how to bring wellness conversations into the chapter.


Contact: Andy Longo, Vice President of Education and Programming Andy Longo

Delt ULifeline Mental Health Awareness, Education and Treatment Resources

Delt’s ULifeline digital portal demonstrates our commitment to greater mental health awareness, accurate education and appropriate treatment resources. Ulifeline is tangible evidence of our goal to provide mental health education and awareness as well as access to mental health crisis resources 24 hours a day. All undergraduates and alumni are encouraged to review the Delt Ulifeline resources. 


If you need immediate help:

  • Need help now? Text "START" to 741-741 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Text: START to 741-741
  • Call: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


It’s easy to procrastinate getting help, but reaching out for support is the first step to feeling better. Most campuses offer confidential counseling services or can help connect you with resources in your community. Just talking about what’s going on can help you feel better, so take that first step by reaching out for help or opening up to a trusted friend or family member. There are ways to feel better, but you have to tell someone what you’re going through.

Talkspace Online Counseling for Members

Encouraging members to take care of their mental health is a priority for Delta Tau Delta and undergraduate members have access to Talkspace for one month at no cost. Talkspace is completely optional and more importantly, 100 percent anonymous and secure and makes it simple and convenient to connect with fully licensed, highly respected counselors via text, audio or video messages from your browser or smartphone—in the library, over the weekend or between classes.


Seven Secrets of Highly Resilient People

Unfortunate situations are often called setbacks for a good reason: they set you back from your carefully planned life trajectory. For many of us, losing a pet, failing on a work project, or experiencing a harsh rejection can feel like the end of the world.

For some lucky people, these problems don’t seem permanent. Sure, they might feel sad, and yes, even a little disappointed. But they’re resilient: able to bounce back quickly, even from the most serious setbacks. This ability isn’t magic — it’s resiliency, and you can experience it too. Cultivate this life-changing trait by practicing these seven simple habits.




2022 Division Conferences

Mark your calendars now for the 2022 division conferences.

2022 Division Conference Dates and Locations

Develop Leadership Skills with Aspire Courses

Did you know that there are online courses that you can access from home to develop your leadership skills? The Fraternity provides this online resource within our many Aspire courses. Our courses are designed to provide members with the skills necessary to lead within and outside of their Delt experience. Courses range from officer and advisor training to new member education, and even personal and professional development. Members can access these courses by logging in to MyDelt and clicking the Aspire link in the lefthand column. Questions about Aspire Courses? Contact

Contact: Alex Kennedy, Director of Undergraduate Education


The Rainbow: Delts in Higher Education

The summer issue of The Rainbow features alumni with career roles in higher education as they lead the next generation of students. 

Read The Rainbow

Share Your Story 

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity celebrates the successes of both undergraduate and alumni by sharing stories of how members lead, serve, give, share and grow as they seek to better themselves, their brothers and the world around them. Please take a moment to share your news or news tip.

The next issue of The Rainbow will include stories of Delts contributing to their communities through service or civic engagement. The subsequent issue will focus on health and wellness. Do you know a Delt with a related story to share? Do you have a future topic to suggest? 

Share Your Story

Contact: Jean Lloyd, Director of Brand Communications

Member Services

Delt is Returning to the University of Mississippi

Delta Tau Delta is returning to the University of Mississippi this semester, and we would love for you to play a role in bringing back one of the Fraternity's oldest chapters for the first time since 1942! If you know of any young men attending Ole Miss who would make good brothers, please share their contact information with Dalton Ford. The world needs more Delts, and we thank you for being a part of making that happen.

Contact: Dalton Ford, Senior Expansion Consultant

Catalyst—a new volunteer development experience

We are thrilled to announce Catalyst—a new volunteer development experience—scheduled for November 4-7, 2021 in Kansas City, Mo. We believe Delt volunteers are motivated by continuous learning opportunities. Specifically, opportunities to help them be more successful both within the Fraternity and in roles they hold outside the Fraternity. Emphasizing coaching and mentoring skills, Catalyst promises to be that opportunity, providing a tangible return for the time volunteers invest. Catalyst is designed for chapter advisors and division vice presidents and will come at no cost to individual volunteers. Additional information regarding curriculum, registration and travel logistics is forthcoming.

Contact: Bentley Anderson, Director of Volunteers

Ritual Workshops Coming this Fall

The Ritual is why Delta Tau Delta exists. It helps shape our values and sets the standard of why we do what we do. When the pandemic limited the number of people who could gather together, it hindered many chapters from having a proper initiation and outright stopped many others. To overcome this hurdle, Delta Tau Delta created an official online-based initiation, that bestowed the rights of membership and a few of our secrets. This enabled us to reward our new member’s efforts and afford them full standing in Delta Tau Delta.

Now we will need to perform full, in-person ceremonies this fall, at a time when many of our experienced ritualists have graduated. In some chapters, the majority of the brotherhood has not seen the full ceremony, or at best may have only seen it once. In response, the Fraternity is preparing regional, ritual boot camps to be held this fall.  Watch for details coming soon. 

*For initiated members only

The World Needs More Delts: Recruitment Support

Delta Tau Delta is interested in the growth of your chapter. While last year was difficult, many groups reported impressive recruitment results. Some chapters were limited by COVID restrictions and had to move their entire recruitment process to the spring. Regardless of your situation, we all agree more members make for a better chapter. 

Recruitment Incentives and Support

Contact: Doug Russell, Vice President of Membership

JDRF Philanthropic Partnership

Lives Touched by Delts Working with JDRF

As fall begins, it is once again time to consider how your chapter will support JDRF, the Fraternity National Philanthropy. As we enter the tenth year of the Delta Tau Delta/JDRF Partnership, we reflect on nearly $2 million dollars contributed and the countless lives touched because of the work of Delts across the country.

The current situation with COVID is fluid with the situation with infections, mandates and new protocols seemingly changing daily so it's important that we all stay informed and make adjustments to our lives as needed. In the latest communication with JDRF, there was hope that in-person walks and galas would return to local communities this year. Perhaps as early as this fall. Delt chapters are encouraged to contact your local JDRF chapter to find more information about walks and galas and, if appropriate, participate.


Type One and the needs of families afflicted with this disease have not taken a COVID time out. Their needs are greater than ever and the funds raised by Delt chapters make, and have made, a meaningful difference. Your fundraising efforts this year should continue!

Delt chapters are also encouraged to identify families in your area who can talk about their JDRF journey at a chapter meeting. These conversations have been very informative for chapters to understand how their engagement helps change lives. Your local JDRF chapter can help identify a family to invite for a visit.

Contact: Andy Longo, Vice President of Education and Programming


Fall Shelter Opening

Many of you have already begun, and others will begin soon, to prepare your shelters for the upcoming school year. House corporation presidents and treasurers, chapter advisors and chapter presidents will receive a list representing key areas to review prior to residents moving back into the shelter this fall and the documents below to assist preparations and planning for the fall term. 

The Fraternal Law Newsletter

The Fraternal Law Newsletter provides a discussion of fraternity law and industry issues for Greek-letter organizations and their tax-exempt non-profit foundations.


Do You Need to Buy Bid Cards?

Your chapter should have a user name and password. If you need to recover this information, contact Jean Lloyd


Contact: Jean Lloyd, Director of Brand Communications