Alumni Clubs:

By their very nature fraternities are social organizations. As fraternity members we enjoy the company of other Delts. Though they have been called many different things: smokers, socials, social clubs – all bring Delts together to strengthen old relationships and create new ones.

There are many opportunities to reconnect as an alumnus of Delta Tau Delta socially. Below is a list of regional groups and alumni chapters where a Delt can connect with other Delts. There is no commitment and any initiated Delt in good standing is welcome. If you are interested in starting a club or chapter where you live, contact the Central Office. We are always looking for new ways to reconnect our members.

Alumni chapters:

Central Ohio Alumni - Thomas F. Calhoon
Delts Northwest (Seattle) Alumni - Jason T. Leehan
National Capital Alumni - Daniel C. Shorts
Denver Area Alumni Association - David M. Shaffer
New England Delts - Ross Theriault
Dallas area Alumni - Kenneth A. Herman
San Francisco Social Club - Chad M. Pingel