The advancement committee provides recommendations to the Arch Chapter for future programming, ad hoc committee formation and other duties. The committee will meet virtually throughout the Karnea and provide a written report to the body and the Karnea Secretary prior to the final business session.

Advancement of the Fraternity Committee

  • Chairman: Ray Ocampo (University of Oregon, 2007)
  • Alumnus: Jon Duraj (Wittenberg University, 2009)
  • Alumnus: Bryan Davidson (Washington & Jefferson)
  • Undergrad: Jordan Garcia (Stephen F. Austin State University, 2021)
  • Undergrad: Tyler Burleyson (Case Western Reserve University, 2022)
  • Undergrad: Joshua Udinyiwe (Westminster College, 2022)
  • Undergrad: Hugo Lujano (Southeastern Louisiana University, 2021)

Committee Meeting Dates and Times

Meeting Times: July 13 at 7 pm EDT and July 20 at 7 p.m. EDT.

July 13
July 20

Agenda Items:
  • Contextualization of Delt history as it pertains to race, prejudice and bigotry
  • Create a standing diversity committee
  • Facing race Issues on the chapter level
  • Promote and foster minority membership
  • Re-examine Fraternity policy and strategy to stop hazing and binge drinking
  • Fraternity partnerships with minority organizations and businesses
  • Underrepresented minorities holding senior leadership and central office positions
  • Replacing the word “colony” for groups applying to be a chapter
  • Finding solutions to lessen financial burden for men who have financial barriers
  • Alumni database for job shadowing, mentoring and connection
  • Re-examine new member education process and period
  • Expanding chapter advisor role to a chapter advisor board
  • Delt is behind the curve in eliminating hard alcohol, online education program, what other areas is Delt potentially behind in
  • Focus on experiences at The Charge, Ignite and other leadership conferences